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Office Systems Group

The Administrative Office of the Courts as part of its automation plan established an Office Systems Unit within the Information Technology Office. The Unit's primary purpose is to assist approximately 4,000 end-users in becoming self-sufficient in the accessing, processing and sharing of information in the workplace. To accomplish this the unit offers a wide array of services to support end-user computing at all levels of courts throughout the State.

Office Systems Unit Responsibilites

  1. Technical approval of all requistions for the purchase of office automation hardware, software and services.
  2. Development of hardware and software technical standards for microcomputers and electronic mail.
  3. Assisting in training of Judiciary personnel in microcomputer and electronic mail systems and technology.
  4. Consulting to Judiciary end-users
  5. Designing, programming and implementing statewide Judiciary microcomputer and/or LAN based application systems.
  6. Maintaining and enhancing statewide microcomputer systems developed by ITO-Staff.
  7. Implementing all Judiciary Local Area Networks (LAN) and integration of LANs with the Judiciary Wide Area Network (WAN).
  8. Assisting in the development of new or enhanced application development standards for ITO technical staff.

The Unit is staffed with experienced data processing professionals with expertise in microcomputer hardware, end-user computing, office automation and application development skills. The following is a brief description of each support area.

Office Automation Support

The main objective of the Office Automation Support Team is to help end users solve their problems through end-user computing. This is done by assisting end-users in selecting and ordering the appropriate hardware and software from existing standards. The Office Automation Team then provides installation support, end user training and problem resolution on these products.

PC Programming Support

The PC Programming Support Team develops and supports PC-based systems and provides technical assistance to other units. This team consists of one analyst well versed in the data processing industry overall and the microcomputer industry specifically.

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