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PATS (The Parking Authority Ticketing System)

The New Jersey Legislature passed into law N.J.S.A. 2B: 12-30 on December 23, 1993. This law requires that the Information Technology Office of the Administrative Office of the Courts procure and maintain hand held data entry devices and related equipment for use by the New Jersey Parking Authorities or Agencies directly serviced by

The system allows Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO) real-time functions from a portable data terminal (PDT) in the field to access the ATS database located in Trenton. The PDT unit utilizes radio frequency technology to communicate directly to the Judiciary. PATS allows PEOs to inquire against the ATS warrant system for scofflaw lookups. The PEO may also print a parking ticket and store an electronic copy of the ticket, in real-time, to the ATS database in Trenton. Other features of PATS include a shift log function which replaces the manual procedures used by the PEO to "chalk" a tire for overtime parking, and various management reports for the parking authority. The parking authorities are able to communicate to the PEOs in the field through a PC located

The goal of this project is to have all the ATS/ACS parking authorities on the system for ticket entry, inquiry and printing. The second phase of this project will be to provide this access and technology to the law enforcement community.

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