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Family Automated Case Tracking System (FACTS)

The Family Automated Case Tracking System, developed by ITO in conjunction with the Family Division of the AOC, has been designed to assist counties in case tracking and case management of both family and probation cases. The primary goal of the system is to streamline case processing and to provide on-line management, case history, and state inquiries. FACTS can generate management and statistical reports as well as court calendars, and notices.

The FACTS system has been designed to be utilized by Family Division personnel of the Vicinage trial courts for processing and managing all phases of family case information. The system is a statewide system and inquiry data is available to authorized Family Court personnel. The system performs general case processing functions that are labor-intensive tasks in the manual environment. FACTS captures all Family Division information from the point of acceptance of a complaint through the dispositional or final judgment process.

FACTS dockets and indexes all matters of juvenile delinquency, dissolution, non-dissolution, domestic violence, family crisis abuse and neglect, and guardianship. FACTS generates the complaint forms for non-dissolution and domestic violence. Case management/tracking reports and monthly statistics are available through FACTS for all case types in Family Part. FACTS contains a variety of on-line summary inquiries at a case and party

A primary goal of the Family Court is to promptly resolve family court matters in accordance with the law while providing for developmental need of children and families. Accomplishing this goal requires information not only concerning the matter at hand, but also knowledge of court involvement of the entire family. Obtaining this information was not possible in a manual environment. FACTS has the ability to link family members who are involved in family court matters, even those involved in different cases and

Current State of Operation

FACTS has been fully implemented in all 15 vicinages and 21

Contribution to Overall Goal of Judiciary or Service to

The FACTS system provides the following benefits:

  • Provides on-line capability to calendar, schedule and notice cases.
  • Builds and maintains a complete family history in relation to court cases and family member involvement in the court system on a statewide basis.
  • Provides capability to capture all data to provide for statistical reporting.
  • Records and processes all financial transactions such as filing fees. Provides for security and control of that data.
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