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The Probation Project Team is responsible for the support of

  • CAPS, the Comprehensive Automated Probation System
  • The Juvenile Probation System.


CAPS enables Probation Officers and Case Managers to manage the work load associated with the processing of a defendant from the time they enter the criminal justice system until the conditions of their probation are satisfied or revoked. All collection activities related to a defendant will be available to the Probation Officer and collection personnel under the new system. Additional work management and calendar management are incorporated into CAPS. CAPS automates three primary functions of the probation department: Adult Supervision, Adult/Juvenile Collections, and Adult/Juvenile Community Service. In addition, CAPS manages the collections for the Adult and Juvenile Intensive Supervision Programs (ISP and JISP).


The Juvenile Probation System tracks cases from the original dispositional hearing through the discharge of the probation term. It assigns probation case numbers and calculates the scheduled case term expiration date. Functions are provided to record additional case terms, case documents, and probation case book contacts. These functions provide officers with information to better manage their caseloads and allow them more time to perform client functions. Officers are provided with access to a wealth of pre- and post-dispositional information recorded by the Family Division on the probationer and family. A shared database has been established between the Family and Probation Divisions. In addition, Probation Management Reports are available which provide statistical and term information to assist the Probation officer. Two other components of the Juvenile Probation System address the issues of portability and retrieval of data. Implementation by the Probation Project Team allows officers to update scheduled contacts and add new case book entries for those contacts through the use of a laptop while in the field or at satellite reporting stations/offices. The Extract File Project contains county-specific information in a data downloaded mainframe file to local pc's which can be used for the production of special or ad hoc reports.

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