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1. Court Rules

3:6-6, re Grand Jury

“Who May Be Present; Record and Transcript

(a) Attendance at Session. No person other than the jurors, the prosecuting attorney, the clerk of the grand jury, the witness under examination, interpreters when needed and, for the purpose of recording the proceedings, a stenographer or operator of a recording device may be present while the grand jury is in session. No person other than the jurors, the clerk, the prosecuting attorney and the stenographer or operator of the recording device may be present while the rand jury is deliberating. The grand jury, however, may request (1) either the prosecuting attorney ad the stenographer or operator or (2) the clerk to leave the jury room during its deliberations. [emphasis added]”

2. Statutes

N.J.S.A. 2B:8-1:

“Title 2B, Court Organization and Civil Code

Chapter 8. Interpreters and Translators

2B:8-1. Interpreters. Each county shall provide interpreting services necessary for cases from that county in the Law Division and the Family Part of the Chancery Division. A county may provide interpreting services through the use of persons hired for that purpose. If interpreters are employed, they shall be appointed and shall perform their duties in the manner established by the Chief Justice, and shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority. For the purpose of determining their compensation, these employees shall be considered county employees. Source: N.J.S. 2A:11-28 to N.J.S. 2A: 11-30. L.

1991, c. 119

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