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Special Civil Part

The Special Civil Part handles three primary types of cases they are Landlord/Tenant, Civil and Small Claims. Each case type has a unique set of rules which guides the processing and scheduling of the case.

Special Civil Part staff can provide Litigants with appropriate forms and samples. Staff are available to provide information and assistance of a non-legal nature.

The main office of the unit is located at 595 Newark Ave. Room 711, Jersey City, N.J. The unit operates under the direction of the Civil Presiding Judge, the Hon. Peter F. Bariso, Jr.  Rupert Haller, Assistant Civil Division Manager, exercises administrative control over the operations.

All pleadings that require a filing fee, and an attorney collateral account is not being used, are to be forwarded to:

Superior Court of NJ - Hudson Vicinage
Central Fee Office: Civil/Special Civil/General Equity
595 Newark Ave., Room 407
Jersey City, N.J. 07306
Phone # 201-795-6050

Checks are payable to : Treasurer, State of New Jersey

All pleadings that do not require filing fees or where fees are being charged to an attorney’s collateral account and general correspondence should be forwarded to:

Superior Court of NJ
Special Civil Case Management Office
595 Newark Ave., Room 711
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Phone # 201-795-6680

The unit is currently broken down into four teams, Customer Service, Landlord/Tenant, Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment.

Customer Service Team

The customer service team is responsible for answering all inquiries by telephone and in person between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. In addition, they will assist litigants with procedural questions. This Team is supervised by Team Leader, Carmen Rivera. She can be reached at 201-795-6680.

Landlord/Tenant Team

Landlord/Tenant actions are those where the Landlord seeks possession of the leased premises because the Tenant has allegedly broken the lease by failing to pay the rent or for other good cause. The Tenant does not have to file an Answer; he or she simply has to appear in court and state a defense, if there is one, on the day specified in the summons. Approximately 19,000 Landlord/Tenant cases are filed annually in Hudson County.

All Landlord/Tenant actions are referred to trained mediators before proceeding to trial.

The team that processes Landlord/Tenant cases is supervised by Team Leader, Richard Carey. He can be reached at 201-795-6681.

Applications for Warrants of Removals are handled by Nan Roopraman. She can be reached at 201-795-6680.

Pre-Judgment Team

Civil cases handled in the Special Civil Part are generally actions that involve litigation where the damages or "recovery" demand does not exceed the sum of $15,000. The docket number begins with the prefix "DC."

Small Claims matters are limited to actions in which a Plaintiff seeks to collect a sum of money, not to exceed $3000. The docket number begins with the prefix "SC." In cases involving the return of a security deposit, the monetary limit is $5000.

Both Civil and Small Claims matters may be filed in any county in which at least one Defendant resides . If all Defendants are non-residents of New Jersey, the action must then be commenced in the county where the cause of action arose.

Small Claims cases are referred to Mediators on the trial date in an attempt to resolve the case amicably between the parties.

Most Civil (DC) cases are listed for settlement conferences. If they are not resolved through the settlement process, they will be tried on the same day.

The Team that processes all of the Pre-Judgment applications is supervised by Team Leader, Donna Koncewicz. She can be reached at 201-795-5613.

Post-Judgment Team

Once a money Judgment is received from the court, the prevailing party should first try to attempt to collect the money due by contacting the person who owes the money. If that does not work, there are procedures that Litigants may follow in order to collect their money. Two of the most common approaches for collecting judgments are to request the court to issue an Execution on Goods and Chattels or an Execution Against a Debtor's Wages. A Special Civil Part Officer will be assigned to the collection. Certain costs are associated with these collection activities.

The Post-Judgment Team processes all pleadings related to the entry and enforcement of Judgments, including Vacating a Judgment.

All Post-Judgment applications should be directed to the Post-Judgment Team who is supervised by Team Leader, Team Leader, Lee Woloszyn. She can be reached at 201-533-2455.

Special Civil Teams

The Special Civil Part Case Management Office consists of four teams, titled Customer Service, Landlord/Tenant, Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment.  Each Team is headed by a Team Leader who along with the team members support several Judges.

Hon. Peter F. Bariso, Jr., Presiding Judge Civil Division  201-795-6660
Antoinette Outwater, Civil Division Manager 201-795-6398
Rupert Haller, Asst. Civil Division Manager/SCP 201-795-6682
Frances Tanski, Secretary  201-795-6179
Carmen Rivera, Team Leader, Customer Service Team 201-795-6680
Rich Carey, Team Leader, Landlord/Tenant Team 201-795-6681
Donna Koncewicz, Team Leader, Pre-Judgment Team 201-795-5613
Lee Woloszyn, Team Leader, Post-Judgment Team 201-533-2455
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