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Until further notice, the following procedure is to be followed when requesting an adjournment of a scheduled trial date in the Superior Court, Law Division Civil or Special Civil Part.

Any request for an adjournment in the Law Division Civil is to be made in writing or by FAX [(201) 217-5249], addressed to Antoinette Outwater, Civil Division Manager, attention Tracey Pignatelli, Trial Calendar Coordinator, 583 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07306. For a trial date scheduled in the Special Civil Part, the adjournment request is to be directed to Rupert Haller, Assistant Civil Division Manager, Special Civil, again in writing or by FAX [(201) 795-6053]. Requests are to include the following information:

  • a) Name of case and docket number;
  • b) Scheduled trial date;
  • c) Name of party requesting the adjournment;
  • d) The specific reason(s) for the adjournment; and
  • e) A representation to the court that the requesting party has informed all other parties of the request for adjournment.

The party requesting the adjournment should first contact all adversaries advising them of the trial readiness problem and attempt to reach an agreement as to when all parties will be ready to proceed with the trial not later than 30 days after the date presently scheduled. This will require all involved persons to contact their respective clients and witnesses. The requesting party should advise in the letter requesting the adjournment that he/she has conversed with all other parties and that they have or have not consented to the adjournment request and/or have or have not agreed upon a new trial

No one should assume that the adjournment request will be granted. Adjournments shall be confirmed or denied by the court by telefax or telephone communication to the party who requested the adjournment. For your information, your request for any adjournment will be initially acted upon by a court staff person. If you are aggrieved by the determination that is made, you should then request that your application be presented to the Presiding Judge for consideration. In that event, the Presiding Judge will make the ultimate decision on your adjournment request and you will be advised accordingly. It shall then be the obligation of the requesting party to timely advise all other parties whether the adjournment request was granted or denied and, if granted, to advise of the new trial date fixed by the court.

All requests for adjournments are to be made as soon as possible after receipt of the scheduled trial date. Except for those situations in which emergent problems arise at the last minute, no request for an adjournment will be entertained if received later than 12:00 noon on the Wednesday preceding the scheduled trial date.

If an attorney is designated as trial counsel and is actually in trial elsewhere in the Superior Court, Hudson County will mark its case a ready hold, subject to counsel's trial availability. Likewise, if an attorney is designated as trial counsel and is scheduled for trial on an older case on the same day but in a different county, then Hudson County will mark its case a ready hold, subject to counsel's disposition of the older case.

Effective: May 2003. Maurice J. Gallipoli, J.S.C.

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