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Case Management Offices

The division is composed of one Customer Service/Post Judgment Team, two multi-functional integrated Case Management Teams, one Complementary Dispute Resolution (CDR) Team and the Division Manager’s Office. The teams are headed by Team Leaders who currently support nine judges. Cases are assigned to a Case Management Team and Pre-trial Judge by virtue of the last two digits of the docket number, excluding the year. The teams are responsible for the management and processing of all documents on a case from the filing of the initial complaint through to post- judgment relief. All CDR events are coordinated through the CDR Team. The trial calendar is scheduled and maintained by the master calendar coordinator. The team, docket number and pre-trial judge assignment breakdown is as follows: 

Judge, Team & Docket Number Assignment
Obtaining Copies of Civil Records

Judge, Team & Docket Number Assignment


Docket Number

Civil Team Number and Leader



Team 1

Judge Turula

00 - 14

Ida Vargas, 201-795-6116

Judge Schultz

15 - 28

Ida Vargas, 201-795-6116

Judge Rose

29 - 42

Ida Vargas, 201-795-6116

Judge Isabella


Ida Vargas, 201-795-6116



Team 2

Judge Vanek


Ann DiMase, 201-795-6908

Judge D'Alessandro


Ann DiMase, 201-795-6908

Judge Jablonski


Ann DiMase, 201-795-6908

Judge Bariso– Team #1 – Ida Vargas
Judge Costello– Team # 2 – Ann DiMase
Arbitration Team Leader/CDR Point Person –Laura LaRosa– 201-795-6372
Master Calendar Coordinator – Tracey Pignatelli – 201-795-6731
Customer Service/Post Judgment – Diana Ortiz – 201-795-6358



Dawn Freeman– 201-795-5613

Carmen Rivera– 201-795-6681

Ruth Thompson – 201-795-6728

Esther Wolfe – 201-795-6727
Obtaining Copies of Civil Records

Since civil records are open to the public, anyone interested in reviewing a file or obtaining a copy of a document may come to the Civil Records Room. The unit is located on the 1st floor of the Brennan Courthouse. For more information call the Customer Service Team 201-217-5162.


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