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Jury Management

Diane Westcott Jury Manager
Superior Court of New Jersey
92 Market Street
Salem, NJ 08079
Maria Buono - Gaimari, Jury Manager
Superior Court of New Jersey
Broad and Fayette Streets
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Ashley Cline, Jury Manager
Superior Court of New Jersey
70 Hunter Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096

Jurors on call for duty can click here to read the current jury reporting message for their county.

Juror Source List

The names of persons eligible for Jury services are selected from a juror source list of county residents whose names and addresses are obtained from a merger of the following lists:

  1. Registered voters
  2. Licensed drivers
  3. Filers of state gross income tax returns
  4. Files of homestead rebate applications

The juror source list is updated annually.

The Qualification Form/Summons

Please read all instructions on the summons. The jury summons is a two-part document. You must complete, sign, and return the qualification form within 10 days even if you have a valid excuse. If you have any questions please contact the Jury Management Office at:

  • Cumberland: 856-453-4371
  • Gloucester: 856-686-7467
  • Salem: 856-878-5050

Qualifications of Jurors

In accordance with statuary law governing the qualification of jurors, every person summoned as a juror shall be:

  1. A resident of the county in which the person was summoned
  2. A citizen of the United States
  3. Mentally and physically able to properly perform the functions of a juror
  4. Never pleaded guilty or been convicted if an indictable offense
  5. 18 years of age or older
  6. Able to read and understand the English language

Grounds for excusal from Jury Service

An excusal may be granted if:

  1. You are 75 years of age, older
  2. You have served as a juror in this county within the past 3 years
  3. You have a medical condition that is unlikely to change within the next twelve months, which will prevent your service as a juror and which is verified by a licensed physician.
  4. Jury service will impose a severe financial hardship which will compromise your ability to support yourself or your dependents, considering factors such as household income, possibility of reimbursement, and expected length of service.
  5. You have the personal obligation to care for another who requires your personal care and no alternative care is available without severe financial hardship.
  6. You provide “highly specialized technical health care services for which replacement cannot be reasonably obtained”.
  7. You are a health care worker directly involved in the care of a handicapped person and your presence is essential to that person’s “regular and personal treatment”.
  8. You are a full-time member of the instructional staff at a grammar school or high school, are summoned during the school term, and a replacement cannot be easily obtained.
  9. You are a member of a volunteer fire department or fire patrol, or volunteer member of a first aid or rescue squad.

All requests to be excused must be in writing with supporting documentation and submitted at least 10 days prior to reporting date. You must follow reporting instructions unless you are notified by the Court that your request has been granted.

Postponing Service

If you have a scheduling conflict with the date that you have been summoned for jury service, you may request a postponement of jury service to a later date. All requests must be made in writing and received at least 10 days prior to reporting date.

Failure to Appear as a Juror

Failure to appear for jury service or failure to complete a juror qualification form subjects a person to provisions of N.J.S.A. 2B: 20-14. Every person summoned as a grand or petit juror who shall either fail to appear or refuse, without reasonable excuse to serve, shall be liable for a fine not the exceed $500…or may be punished by contempt of court.

Term of Service

Petit Jurors
The term of service for Petit Jurors is no more than 4 days (M-Th) unless selected for a trial, which will require your service for the duration of that trial. The trial Judge will determine the length of the trial. Court is generally in session from 9am to 4pm.

Grand Jury
The term of service for Grand Jurors is one day a week for 18 weeks, if selected.

Reporting Instructions
All Petit Jurors are required to call a recording the Friday before they are scheduled to appear. A recorded message will provide specific reporting instructions including reporting time and location if applicable. Have your juror badge available when calling. The message is on after 5pm Friday through 8am Monday. If the recording is not available, you must report at 9am on the date summoned.

Juror Report Instructions Numbers:

  • Cumberland: 856-455-2889
  • Gloucester: 856-845-1693-Please note there are two reporting locations. The Justice Complex at 70 Hunter Street and the Old Courthouse at 1 N. Broad Street.
  • Salem: 856-935-3301

Grand Jurors are to report on the date and time stated on your summons. Do not call the recording.

Disabilities Accommodations

Please notify the Jury Management Office of any disability accommodation needs.

Cumberland: 856-453-4372
TTY users: NJ Relay-Dial 711

Gloucester: 856-686-7468
TTY users: NJ Relay-Dial 711

Salem: 856-878-5050
TTY users: NJ Relay-Dial 711

Juror Compensation

Petit Jurors
Petit Jurors are paid $5.00 for each day of service. If a juror’s service extends into a fourth day, the daily payment will be $40.00 a day each day thereafter. There is no reimbursement for mileage. Payment checks are prepared on a weekly basis and will be mailed to your home. Jurors are not paid for any day that they are not required to report for service. N.J.S.A. 2B: 20-16 mandates that any person employed full-time by any agency, independent authority, instrumentality or entity of the State of New Jersey, or any political subdivision of the State are not eligible to receive payment for jury service. This includes employees by counties, municipalities, and public schools.

Grand Jurors
Grand Jurors are paid $5.00 per day for each day of service. There is no reimbursement for mileage. Payment checks are prepared at the end of your term and mailed directly to your home.

Dress Code

While there is no mandatory dress code, jurors should wear clothing appropriate for an appearance in Court. Casual attire is acceptable. Work uniforms, including police uniforms, should not be worm.

Emergency Court Closings

A recorded message is available for each county. Media announcements are also on local radio stations.

Cumberland: 856-453-8090
WVLT 92.1 FM, WMBV 1440 AM, WSNJ 1240 AM

Gloucester: 856-853-3426
KYW 1060 AM

Salem: 856-878-5070
KTW 1060 AM, WSTW 93.7 FM, WDEL 1150 AM

State Grand Jury Service

State Grand Jurors include individuals from all counties in New Jersey. Prospective jurors must fill out the qualification form and submit to the Jury Management Office.  The qualification form will indicate that you have been summoned as a State Grand Juror, but will contain no date for that service, At a later date the Administrative Director of the Courts will issue a notice directing you to the date, time, and location that you should appear for selection.

Directions to the Courthouse Complexes
Click here for directions or call local Jury Management Office for instructions.

Parking for Cumberland County Courthouse
Parking is available in the parking garage behind the Prosecutor’s Office at 115 Vine St, between Fayette and Giles St., 1 block from the Courthouse. Limited local street parking is also available.

Parking for Gloucester County Courts
You can park in the lot on Railroad Avenue, just off Cooper St. (across from St. Patrick's church).  It’s a 3-4 block walk to either location:  For the Justice Complex, follow Railroad Ave., turn left onto Cooper, right onto Euclid St. and then left onto Hunter St.  For the Old Courthouse, follow Railroad Ave., turn left onto Cooper, cross Broad St.; the Old Courthouse is on the right. There is also limited free parking in the public garages/lots near each building, but they fill up quickly.  The garages are located at 24 Hunter St. and on Cooper St. behind the County Admin. Bldg.  Parking lots are located near the Justice Complex at the corner of Hunter and Euclid Streets and near the Old Courthouse at the corner of Lupton Ave and Delaware St. and the corner of Andrews and Wood Streets. (Behind Woodbury HS)

Parking for Salem County Courts
Parking lot is located behind the Courthouse (enter from Grant St.). Limited metered street parking is also available.

Cumberland County Jury Management
60 West Broad St.
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Fax: 856-455-8896
Juror Reporting Instructions: 856-455-2889

Gloucester County Jury Management
70 Hunter St.
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Fax: 856-853-3557
Juror Reporting Instructions: 856-845-1693

Salem County Jury Management
92 Market St.
Salem, NJ 08079
Fax: 856-878-5059
Juror Reporting Instructions: 856-935-3301

Cumberland County

Gloucester County

Salem County

Cumberland County Courthouse
Broad and Fayette Streets
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Second Floor-Room A242
856-453-4371, 4372, 4373
Fax: 455-8896
Jury Reporting Instructions:
Term of Service:
Four days/One trial
Parking available on Vine St.

Gloucester County Justice Complex
70 Hunter St.
Woodbury, NJ 08096
First Floor-Room 1037
856-686-7467, 7468, 7469
Fax: 856-853-3557
Juror Reporting Instructions
Term of Service:
Four days/One trial
Parking available on Railroad Ave.

Same County Courthouse
92 Market St.
Salem, NJ 08079
Basement Level
Fax: 856-878-5059
Juror Reporting Instructions:
Term of Service:
Four days/One trial
Parking available behind Courthouse


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