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Directory of Family Division Programs and Contacts

Family Division Harry T. Cassidy, Assistant Director
Felecia Bourjolly, Secretary
(609) 984-4228
(609) 633-9736
FAX (609)984-0067
Family Practice Chief
Joanne M. Dietrich, Esq., Chief
Barbara Mulé, Secretary
(609) 633-5984
(609) 633-9730
FAX (609) 984-0067 
Family Practice Chief
Geraldine Washington, Chief
Natasha Mason, Secretary
(609) 984-0066
(609) 292-4611
FAX (609) 984-0067 
(FJ) Juvenile Delinquency
(FF) Family Crisis
Janis Alloway, Assistant Chief
Jacqueline Draper, Administrative Specialist
Dee Deal, Secretary
(609) 984-4227
(609) 633-2582
(609) 984-0927
FAX (609)984-0067 
(FD) Non Dissolution
(FM) Dissolution
(FO) Other Family Matters
(FV) Domestic Violence
Access/ Visitation
Parent Education
David Broselli, Assistant Chief
Ava Middleton, Secretary
(609) 292-6619
(609) 984-5572
FAX (609)984-0067 
Research and Statistics

John Shutack, Assistant Chief
Keith Vine, Administrative Specialist
Jaimie Bennett, Info. Tech. Analyst
Jeanette Ford, Info. Tech. Analyst
Blair Lepore, Judicial Clerk
Helen Vargo, Judicial Clerk

(609) 341-3264
FAX (609)984-4788 
Staff Attorneys Gina Bellucci, Esq.
David Tang, Esq.
(609) 984-5034
(609) 984-3710
FAX (609)984-0067 
Court Improvement Project Sonia G. Martinez, Esq., Program Director
Allison Anthony, Training Director 
(609) 984-7793
(609) 984-6776
FAX (609)984-0067 
Children In Court Donna Aster, Coordinator (609) 633-8125
FAX (609)984-0067 
Parent Education Kimberly Jenkins, Coordinator (609) 292-8982
FAX (609)984-0067 
CPR Advisory Council Sheryl Hutchison, Coordinator (609) 633-2581
FAX (609)633-8124 
Access/Visitation Kimberly Jenkins, Coordinator (609)292-8982
FAX (609)984-0067 
Child Support Hearing Officer
Program (CSHOP)


Hearing Officers

Eli Mireles, Chief, CSHOP
William Woodworth, Supervising Hearing Officer
Theresa Andrews, Supervising Hearing Officer
Jill Kerr, Judiciary Clerk

Lisa Andreula
Nicole Barracano
Michael Barry
Denise Calinda
Nancy Coyle
Jill Curvin
Maurya D'Anna
Thomas Decker
Jill Del Plato
Norman Epting
Tracy Eskridge-Joseph
Lynn Gale
Laura Genecki
Roland Gray
Kathleen Kitson
Patricia Maglio
James Maitland 
Kathleen McQuilla
Eugene Pisano
Larry Rauer
Karen Rodriguez
Jacqueline Soller
David Weir
Janice Wolfe

(609) 984-0486
FAX (609)984-2766 
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