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Child Placement Review

New Jersey established Child Placement Review boards in 1979 to assist the court and the Division of Youth and Family Services find permanent homes for children who have been placed in foster care. The state law promotes thorough and effective planning and regular review of each child's placement. The court establishes procedures for both administrative and judicial review of each child in order to ensure that all

The Child Placement Review Board Program (CPR) is a volunteer program of the Family Division. Court appointed citizen volunteers monitor the cases of all children who are placed outside their homes by the Division of Youth and Family Services. Review board members review case plans and conduct in-person interviews of interested parties. Boards are mandated to assess each case from the point of view of the best interests of the child. Permanency for each child is the focus. CPR monitors the timeliness of the movement of each case and provides for in-depth review of cases, including interviews with interested parties, thereby allowing for more information to be gathered or decision-making. The primary goal is to provide recommendations concerning children in placement to judges who are responsible for decisions which determine the future of a child who has suffered abuse or

There is at least one Child Placement Review Board in each county; the number of boards depends on the number of children whose cases must be reviewed. There are at least five citizen volunteers on each board. All volunteers are residents of the county where they serve and should represent the various racial, ethnic, and economic groups of that county. Review board members, who are fully screened and trained, must take an oath of confidentiality upon appointment and work under the supervision of a Child Placement Review Coordinator in that county.

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