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Litigant Inquiries


The Family Practice Division is staffed by attorneys who respond to written and telephone inquiries from individuals who are using services provided by family courts throughout the State. These attorneys neither represent litigants in court nor do they provide legal advice. They are there to assist individuals who have questions of procedure and who need some guidance as to what options may be available to them from a procedural point of view. Also, they are able to answer questions of policy that may assist the litigant in better understanding the family court.

Staff Attorneys are not judges and do not have the authority to change a decision made by a judge. Also, not all questions can be answered by these attorneys. However, they may be able to direct a litigant to the appropriate resource or referral.

If possible, inquiries should be forwarded in writing to:

Administrative Office of the Courts
Family Practice Division
PO Box 983
Trenton, NJ 08625

Where necessary, telephone inquiries may be made by calling (609) 984-4228.

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