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Juvenile Supervision is a dispositional alternative in the Superior Court, Family Division. It offers juvenile offenders the opportunity to remain in their community while being supervised by a probation officer who monitors their compliance with rules and conditions imposed by the Family Court Judge. The focus in juvenile supervision is to prevent recidivism, reduce substance abuse, increase school attendance, increase employment for those youth legally out of school, increase compliance with court ordered treatment, increased community service compliance, and increase collection of restitution, fees, and fines. Parents and guardians play a crucial role in this process and there is an emphasis placed on family engagement.

Probation officers form partnerships with the school, treatment providers and other social service agencies to develop supportive plans for the juvenile’s successful outcomes.
The Essex Vicinage Probation Division participates in the Positive Interventions Committee (PIC), a Judiciary committee charged with developing interventions for juvenile probationers.  The goal is to reward and encourage positive behaviors by providing a variety of educational, social and recreational activities under the supervision of probation officers.  


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