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Essex Vicinage Probation Division: Juvenile Supervision

Juvenile Probation Services works with youth who have been placed under probation supervision by a judge of the Superior Court’s Family Division. A total of nearly 1,400 juveniles are monitored by 18 probation officers. The officers work with the youth and their families and guide them toward meeting the obligations imposed by the Court. They also assist in making referrals of the juvenile to needed services. Juvenile Probation Services differs from those supervising adults, in that the officers must work with the families in addition to working with the juvenile.

The Essex Vicinage Probation Division reaches out to the community to more effectively intervene in these young people’s lives. The Unit has developed partnerships with schools, police and others to address the numerous challenges faced by the juveniles in our urban environment. A unique partnership with the Newark Police has enabled Juvenile Probation officers to conduct evening home visits, talk with the juveniles and their parents or guardians. The program helps monitor compliance with court orders, curfews and overall adjustment at school, work, and in the community.

The Essex Vicinage Probation Division also participates in the State Probation Services Recreation Committee. Through the committee juveniles on probation can participate in a wide range of activities including basketball tournaments and an annual “Olympics”. The committee also offers tickets to professional sporting events.

Volunteers in Probation

Essex Probation is looking for volunteers to work one-on-one with probationers. If this work sounds interesting to you, if you would like to assist an offender in need of supervision, both juvenile and young adult, please contact us about our Volunteers in Probation (VIP) Program at 973-395-3020.

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