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"Do you swear or affirm that you will try the matter in dispute
and give a true verdict according to the evidence?"
N.J.S.A. 2B:23-6 Oath of Jurors

Welcome to Jury Service

Our Mission

Jury Management must manage the jury selection process so that each juror is treated respectfully, courteously, and professionally. We must provide sufficient numbers of petit jurors and grand jurors to address the needs of justice in our courts. We must do so in the most efficient, effective manner possible for the benefit of the citizens of Essex County and those who rely on the Judiciary.

The jury management staff is dedicated to making your jury service a pleasant and rewarding experience. Your service is a vital part of the justice system in our form of democracy and will be an important contribution to your fellow citizens.

The information provided on this website is designed to answer some frequently asked questions and explain "rules" necessary for the orderly management of the jury process.

Thank you in advance for your service to the Superior Court of New Jersey.

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