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Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI)

Pre Trial Intervention

The pretrial intervention program is a diversionary program which offers certain defendants the opportunity to avoid formal prosecution and conviction by agreeing to enter into a term of court ordered supervision within the community.  Upon acceptance into the program the judge postpones all further court proceedings against the defendant for a period not to exceed three years. Judicial orders often include special conditions which require the defendant to actively take part in their rehabilitation.  Defendants are supervised by probation officers who ensure compliance with the court order.

Any defendant charged with a crime is eligible for pretrial intervention.  Application should be made at the earliest possible opportunity. Careful consideration is given to the nature of the offense.  Charges that are generally excluded include crimes of violence, crimes that are part of organized criminal activity, crimes that constitute continuing criminal business or enterprise and crimes that constitute a breach of the public trust. A defendant charged with a first or second degree offense or sale of a controlled dangerous substance by a non-drug dependent person would ordinarily be rejected.

Defendants report directly to the Criminal Division to make application.  Case supervisors interview the defendant and conduct a thorough investigation into the defendant's background to determine eligibility.   Admission into the program is generally limited to individuals who have no prior record of convictions of criminal offenses  After evaluating this information, the case supervisor makes a recommendation to the Criminal Division Manager to either accept or reject the defendant's application.  Acceptance into the program is based on the recommendation of the Criminal Division Manager with the consent of the prosecutor and judge.

Successful completion of the imposed term of PTI supervision results in a dismissal of the defendant's charges. Violation of the court imposed conditions may result in the defendant being terminated from the program and the charges being reactivated and returned to the trial list.

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