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Promis/Gavel Network


The Promis/Gavel system is an automated criminal case tracking system enhanced and supported by the Criminal Practice Division and the Information System Division (ISD) of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in response to the needs of the criminal justice community. It captures information concerning defendants who have been charged with indictable offenses and tracks the processing of those defendants from initial arrest through appellate review. This system provides the function of docketing, indexing, noticing, calendaring, statistical reporting and case management reporting. At the present time, 100% of the statewide criminal caseload is handled by Promis/Gavel.

Historically, the Administrative Office of the Courts Criminal Practice Division participated in the statewide implementation of Promis/Gavel under the management of the Department of Law & Public Safety Division of Criminal Justice. Each county was provided with a decentralized version of Promis/Gavel which was resident on a mid-size computer system (IBM 8100) located within the county. Difficulties with obsolete IBM 8100 hardware and software mandated the conversion of Promis/Gavel to a more advanced computer technology. Conversion was initiated by the A.O.C. Information System Division in Fiscal Year 1988. The ISD Criminal Courts Information System project team was created and a plan was formulated to convert Promis/Gavel into one centralized database residing on the AOC mainframe. As of January 1, 1994, the new mainframe Promis/Gavel system has been implemented statewide. With the statewide Promis/Gavel system, opportunities exist for interaction with all of the criminal justice system, the further enhancements of Promis/Gavel and the development of new applications.

The County Prosecutors's Office handles the initial entry of all case information (i.e. defendant, arrest and charge data). If the case is remanded or dismissed, the Prosecutor's Office closes the case and then notifies the originating municipality of this decision via system generated disposition letters. If the case is indicted, the criminal courts assume responsibility for the case and enter final disposition and sentencing information. Previously, this information was sent via paper forms, to the State Police for entry into the State central repository. As a result of the CHRI program, this process has been automated and the information is electronically transferred from Promis/Gavel to the State Police CCH system. In addition to serving the County Prosecutor's Office and the criminal courts, numerous outside agencies use Promis/Gavel to inquire about current defendant status information and to perform research based upon the information provided.

Members of the public may access information from Promis Gavel in the Information and Community Relations Center located in Room 132, Veterans Courthouse, 50 West Market Street, Newark NJ 07102. 

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