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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how much my ticket costs?

The amount for some violations is located on the back of the ticket.  If it does not
appear there, or if the “Court Appearance Required” box has been checked, please
call the municipal court.  Click here for telephone numbers and addresses of Essex Municipal Courts.

Where do I go to get a public defender?

You may apply for a public defender for a municipal court case at the municipal
court of jurisdiction.

Where do I go to file an appeal?

An appeal of a municipal court matter must be filed with the Court Administrator
of the municipal court where the matter was originally heard, within 20 days after
entry of judgement.  Application must be made for a transcript of the court
proceeding at the time of filing.  For forms and further information, please
contact the municipal court.  Click here for more information on Municipal Appeals.

Do I have to have an attorney, or can I represent myself?

You may represent yourself, or be represented by an attorney.  If you are indigent, you might be qualified to be represented by a public defender.

How can I find out if I will receive motor vehicle points from my ticket?

You must contact New Jersey Motor Vehicle Services for information regarding points.

I have questions about the police.  Who can I contact?

You can contact the police department you are questioning, the County Prosecutor or the Attorney General.

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