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Post-Conviction Motions

Defendants who are convicted of crimes may appeal their cases to the Appellate Division of Superior Court, which reviews trial records and decides if decisions made by judges in the Superior Court are fair and equitable. Defendants may file motions, or requests to their sentencing judge to have sentences modified, or for other relief.

Any person convicted of a crime may, pursuant to the rules governing the courts of the State of New Jersey, file through the Criminal Records Office, a petition for Post-Conviction relief.  The petition must contain a verified petition and have grounds for relief.

Contents of the petition verification are covered in Court Rule 3:22-8.

The Grounds for relief are covered in Court Rule 3:22-2. From these rules, the convicted party  will clearly know when and when not to petition for relief.

Any convicted person, who is seeking a petition for Post-Convicition relief on any grounds then an illegal sentence, must file within five (5) years as stated in Court Rule 3:22-12.

Download Post Conviction Motion Forms (PDF format)

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