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Administrative Directives 2007

Statewide Program for Mediation of Economic Aspects of Family Actions -- Program Guidelines; Form Referral Order; Mediation Case Information Statement
Special Civil Part -- Management Practices for Administering Timely and Effective Service of Process
(Supersedes Directive #4-01)
(Supplemented by Directive #02-07 Supplement)
Superceded by Directive #7-13
Special Civil Part Post-Judgment Collection Workshop
(Supplements Directive #02-07)
Superceded by Directive #7-13
Standard Conditions of Adult Probation -- Revised Form
Criminal Practice, Municipal Court, Probation
Jury Selection -- Model Voir Dire Questions Promulgated by Directive #21-06 -- Revised Procedures and Questions
(Supplements and Modifies Directive #21-06)
Civil, Criminal Practice, Court Administration
Family/Juvenile -- Functional Equivalent to Juvenile Pre-Disposition Report (PDR) – Standardized Form
Staffing Models -- Revised Civil Division Model (Supplements Directive #8-06) (Superseded by Directive #05-09) (Superseded by Directive #08-10)
Civil, Vicinage Operation
Post-Conviction Applications on Indictable Offenses -- New Form Order
Criminal, Appellate
Public Access to Surrogates' Judiciary Records
Civil, Family, General Equity
Family -- Updated Procedures for Filing and Enforcement of Out-of-State ('Foreign') Custody/Parenting/Visitation Orders
(Supersedes Directive # 7-02)
Family, Court Administration
Mass Torts -- Revised Guidelines and Criteria for Designation
(Supersedes Directive #11-03)
(Superseded by Directive #07-09)
Protocol on Arrestee's Immigration Status Information
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