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Administrative Directives 2001

Revised Standards for Community Service Programs
Vicinage Management
Special Civil Part -- Actions in Lieu of Prerogative Writs
Civil Matters

Records Management - Supersedes Directives #7-71; #13-71; #3-76; #19-79 and #6-80
(Supplemented and Modified in Part by Directive #03-01)
(Modified in part by Directive #06-09)
(Modified in part by Directive #08-13)

Court Administration
Management Practices for Administering Timely and Effective Service of Process in the Special Civil Part -
Supersedes Directive #2-82
Superseded by #02-07
Civil Matters
Service of Initial Process -- Special Civil Part
(Supersedes Directive #3-82)
Superceded by Directive #7-13
Civil Matters
#06-01 Service of Post-Judgement Process -- Special Civil Part Civil Matters
#07-01 Auditing and Record-Keeping Procedures for Special Civil Part Officers - (Supersedes Directive #4-82) Civil Matters
Judges' Absences from the Workplace - Reporting Policy (Superseded by Directive #02-13)
Municipal Court Comprehensive Enforcement Program Guidelines
Municipal Court
Termination of Parental Rights Cases - Advisory Notice Regarding Public Defender Representation at the Conclusion of the Proceeding/Appeal (N.J.S.A. 30:4C-15.4; R. 2:7-2)
Family Court
Wiretap Guidelines - Amendment Regarding Orders to Seal (Amending Directive #4-00)
Criminal Practice
Recall Judge Policy
Proof of Service of Post-judgment Papers (Supersedes Directive #11-80)
Civil Matters
Operational Standards for Telephone Interpreting
Vicinage Operations
Criminal - Revised and New Plea Forms
(Modifies Directive #4-98: Supplements Directive #5-99
Criminal Practice
Family - Domestic Violence Hearing Officer Program Standards
(Supplemented by Directive #2-06) (Superseded by Directive #09-10)
Family Court
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