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Probation Officers - Designation of Work Hours
Probation Officers - Weapons
Application by Direct Pay Obligee for Payments Through Probation
Transaction Fee Schedule - Implementation of L. 1992, c.169, In Connection with Sentences of Probation for Offenses Committed On and After February 1, 1993
Probation Officers' Membership in Law Enforcement Organizations (Fraternal Order of Police [FOP]/Policemen's Benevolent Association [PBA]) (Supersedes Directive #9-94)
Juvenile Violation of Probation Policy and Protocol for Completion of Reports for the Court
(Superseded by Directive #01-16)
Juvenile Violation of Probation Policy -(a) Clarification Regarding Venue for Violation Hearings, (b) Omitted Language (Supplements Directive #8-03) (Superseded by Directive #01-16)
Procedures on Aerosol Defensive Devices - Training and Policies for Use by Judiciary Staff (Supersedes Directive #2-95)
Aerosol Defensive Devices – Inclusion of Certain Family Division Probation Officers Under Policy (Supplements Directive #07-05)
Prosecutor’s Role in Violation of Probation (VOP) Proceedings
(Supersedes Directives #9-75 and #11-76)
Probation Collections -- Standards Regarding Accepting Payments at Probation Offices
Probation Field Supervision And Safety Standards
Adoptions -- (1) Agency Investigations in Stepparent Adoptions; (2) Timing of Background Checks in All Adoptions
Use of Warrants and Incarceration in the Enforcement of Child Support Orders (Supersedes Directive #2-04)(Superseded by Directive #15-08)


Standard Conditions of Adult Probation -- Revised Form

Probation -- Adult Violation of Probation (VOP) Guidelines and Procedures
Probation Child Support Enforcement -- Diligent Efforts Protocol
Use of Warrants and Incarceration in the Enforcement of Child Support Orders
(Supersedes Directives #18-06)
#02-14 Probation/Family - Enforcement of Child Support- (1) Revised "Order
for Relief to Litigant - Enforcement of Litigants Rights" and (2) Hearing
to Determine Ability to Comply with Current Child Support Obligation (modifies dir. #15-08)
#01-16 Superseding Directive - Policy for Violations of Probation for Juvenile Offenders (supersedes Dir. #08-03 and Dir. #09-03)
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