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Probation Officers - Designation of Work Hours
Opinions - Forms
Opinions - Prohibition Against References to Race
Per Diem Reporters - Performance
(Combined with Directive #34-64)
Per Diem Reporters - Oath of Office
Off Bench Activities - Solemnization of Marriages - Fees
Martindale-Hubbell - Rating Reports
Court Interpreters - Outside Employment
Court Clerks - Filing
Court Reporters in Municipal Court
Court Reporters - Transcripts
Opinions - Corrections
Probation Officers - Weapons
Written Opinions in Rape and Similar Cases
Officers or Trustees
Answering Questionnaires, Giving Interviews
Storage and Retention of Notes
Martindale-Hubbell Listings
Opinions - Standards for Publication
Reporting Requirements - Involvement in Litigation
(Superseded by Directive #07-11)
Employment of Relatives as Law Secretary
Verbatim Reporting of Read Backs
Letters of Recommendation
Wiretap Tapes
Disqualification of Judges in Criminal Matters
Interpreters for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(Superceded by Directive #01-17)
Automatic Temporary Suspension of Attorneys Found Guilty of "Serious Crimes"
Judges Testifying at Attorney Ethics Hearing

Standards for Appointing and Selecting Staff Who Interpret in Superior Court
(Merged with #6-87
(Superceded by Directive #01-17)

Representation and Indemnification of Judges
Interest in Alcoholic Beverage Retail License
Law Clerks Notice of Appointment and Interview Record Form
Bar Association Dues - NJSBA Waiver of Section dues by New Jersey State Bar Association
Bar Association Positions
Travel Reimbursement Directive
(Modified in Part by Directive#6-08)
Agency Fees
Recall of Retired Judges Under Age Seventy
Judiciary Personnel Serving on the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and Related Committees
Supreme Court Policy Governing Municipal Court Administrators and Deputy Administrators Who are Married To or are the Parents or Children of Police Officers
Establishing Standards for Transcriber Certification and Transcriber Board
Procedures to be Followed in Submitting an Opinion for Review to the Committee on Opinions
Judges' Attendance at Bar Association and Judges' Association Meetings and Meetings of National Committees or Councils: Use of Vacation Time; Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred by Justices, Judges and Certain Administrative Personnel
Probation Officers' Membership in Law Enforcement Organizations (Fraternal Order of Police [FOP]/Policemen's Benevolent Association [PBA])
(Supersedes Directive #9-94)
Official Court Reporter Transcript Production
Disqualification of Judges Charged with or Convicted of DWI Offenses or Domestic Violence Offenses
(Superceded by Directive # 04-09)
Adoption of 55 Characters Per Line as the New Transcript Standard
Judges' Absences from the Workplace - Reporting Policy (Superseded by Directive #02-13)
Recall Judge Policy
Supreme Court's Determination Regarding Former Judges Seeking Non-Judicial Judiciary Employment
Guidelines on the Practice of Law by Retired Judges (Revised)
(Supersedes Directive #2-97)
(Superceded by Directive #05-08)
Ratings of Law Schools - US News & World Report
(Superceded by Directive #18-08)
Judges' Attendance at Meetings of National Judicial Associations
(Supersedes in Part Directive #6-96)
Procedures on Aerosol Defensive Devices - Training and Policies for Use by Judiciary Staff (Supersedes Directive #2-95)
Special Civil Part Officers — Limited Liability Companies and Corporations
(Superceded by Directive #7-13)
IT Security Policy
(Supersedes Directive #6-98 and Directive #7-98)
Changes in Staffing Models -- Results of Quadrennial Review
(Supplemented by Directive #06-07)
(Superseded by Directive #05-09)
(Superseded by Directive #8-10)
Judiciary Volunteers -- (1) Code of Conduct, (2) Litigation Reporting Policy
Staffing Models -- Revised Civil Division Model
(Supplements Directive #8-06)
Guidelines on the Practice of Law by Retired Judges -- Reissuance (with One Revision) (Supersedes Directive #7-04)
Clarifying Amendments to Judiciary Travel Reimbursement Policy as Promulgated by Directive #4-91
(Modifies Directive 4-91 in Part)
Policy on the Appointment of Judges' Relatives to Judiciary Positions (Judiciary Anti-Nepotism Policy)
Ratings of Law Schools -- US News & World Report
(Supersedes Directive #12-04)
Disqualification of Judges Charged with or Convicted of DWI Offenses or Domestic Violence Offenses
(Supersedes Directive #07-99 )
Judiciary Policy on the Conscientious Employee Protection Act ('CEPA')
Judges Reporting Personal or Family Involvement in Litigation and Resulting Changes of Venue and Transfer of Cases - Policy Statement
(Supersedes Directives #4-81, #2-84, #4-08)
#09-12 Judges Writing Letters of Recommendation for Law Clerks
#02-13 Judges Absences from the Workplace -- Reporting Policy (Supersedes Directive #8-01)
#01-17 New Jersey Judiciary Language Access Plan
(Supersedes Directives #03-04, #14-01, #7-87, #6-86, and #10-84)
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