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Court Administration

Committee Meetings
Local Practice Rules
Sanctions Imposed on Attorneys
Court Year, Court Terms
Notices to the Bar
Rotation of Judicial Assignments
Supreme Court Committees - Operational Guidelines
(Amended Oct. 24, 1994)
Guidelines for Microfilming Sealed Records
Disciplinary Committee Members Representing Respondents in Ethics Proceedings
Supreme Court Policy on Gifts and Ceremonies for Retiring Committee Members
Judiciary Policy on Access to Data Communications Networks
(Superceded by Directive #3-06)
Judiciary Policy on Computer Software Copyright
(Superceded by Directive #3-06)
Use of Rule 1:10-1 (Contempt in Presence of Court)

Records Management (Supersedes Directives #7-71; #13-71; #3-76; #19-79; #6-80)(Supplemented and Modified in Part by Directive #03-01)
(Modified in part by Directive #06-09)
(Modified in part by Directive #01-12)
(Modified in part by Directive #08-13)

Judges' Absences from the Workplace - Reporting Policy (Superseded by Directive #02-13)
Staffing Models
Reserved Matters
(Supersedes Directive #21-68)
Judiciary Open Records: Policies and Procedures for Access to Case Related Court records - Staff Guidelines
(Superceded by Directive #03-11)
Orders to Show Cause as Original Process -- Model Forms for Use in Civil, Family, General Equity, and Special Civil (PDF)

IT Security Policy
(Supersedes Directive #6-98 and Directive #7-98)

Standard Grand Jury Charge - For Statewide Use
Probation Collections -- Standards Regarding Accepting Payments at Probation Offices
Special Civil Part Officers -- Fees for Evictions
(Superceded by Directive #7-13)
Approved Jury Selection Standards, Including Model Voir Dire Questions (Supplemented and Modified by Directive #4-07)
Jury Selection -- Model Voir Dire Questions Promulgated by Directive #21-06 -- Revised Procedures and Questions
(Supplements and Modifies Directive #21-06)
Family -- Updated Procedures for Filing and Enforcement of Out-of-State ('Foreign') Custody/Parenting/Visitation Orders
(Supersedes Directive #7-02)
Protocol on Arrestee's Immigration Status Information
Excusal of Bar Association Officers, Trustees, and Members from Trial Dates to Attend Bar Association Meetings
(Supersedes Directive #9-97)
Guidelines on the Practice of Law by Retired Judges -- Reissuance (with One Revision)
(Supersedes Directive #7-04)
Policy on the Appointment of Judges' Relatives to Judiciary Positions (Judiciary Anti-Nepotism Policy)
Election-Related Applications -- Filing Fees, Docket Numbers, Records
Disqualification of Judges Charged with or Convicted of DWI Offenses or Domestic Violence Offenses
(Supersedes Directive #07-99 )
Changes in Staffing Models -- Results of Staffing Models Working Group Review of Staffing Models
(Supersedes Directive #08-06)
Reduction of Records Retention Period for Child Support Enforcement Records as Promulgated by (Modifying in part Directive #03-01)
Judiciary Policy on the Conscientious Employee Protection Act ('CEPA')
Better Protection for Children -- Improved Oversight of Abused and Neglected Children in Foster Care; Role of CPR Boards
Closed Proceedings and Sealed Records - Requirement to Submit Reports (See Supplement Directive #5-10)
'Closed Proceedings and Sealed Records - Requirement to Submit Reports' - Supplemental Instructions (Supplement to Directive #05-10)
New Jersey Judiciary Procedures for Appealing a Denial of Public Access to a Court Record or Administrative Record - Rule 1:38-10(b)
Digital Audio Recording System (CourtSmart) - Access to Backup Recordings
Digital Audio Recording System - Access to Backup Recordings - Request Form
Updated Staffing Models Effective July 1, 2010 - Incorporation of "Special Programs"
(Supersedes Directive #8-06)
(Supersedes Directive #05-09)
(Superseded by July 12, 2013 AJ Memo from Judge Grant)
Procedures for Providing Public Access to Court Records and Administrative Records Pursuant to Rule 1:38
(Supersedes Directive #15-05)(Supplement to Directive #03-11)
Records Retention Schedules - New (Ombudsman); Revised (Jury, Tax Court, EEO/AA, Professional Services (Modified Directive #3-01 in Part)
Fingerprinting of Employees with Access to Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)
#02-13 Judges Absences from the Workplace -- Reporting Policy (Supersedes Directive #8-01)
#03-13 Revised Uniform Defendant Reporting System (Supersedes Dir #1-06)(Supplement to Directive #03-13)
#07-13 Special Civil Part Officers – Revised Policies
(Supercedes Directives #5-01, #3-03, #4-03 and Implementing Memorandum of 2/11/10, #10-05, #13-06, #2-07 and the Revised Protocol for the Recruitment and Appointment of Special Civil Part Officers dated 8/6/07)
Special Civil Part Officers - Bond and Insurance Coverage (Supplement to Dir. #07-13)
#08-13 Revision to Records Retention Schedule - Supreme Court (Modifies Directive #03-01 in Part)
#01-14 Electronic Records Management Guidelines
#09-14 Surety Bond Registry; Revised Bail Program Registration Form
#03-16 Limitations on the Refunds of Court Filing Fees Where There is No Court Order
#04-16 Bail Recognizances -- Preclusion from Registry for Failure to Correct Deficiencies
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