Trial Court Unpublished Decisions

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Date Docket # Title
02.09.16 HUD-L-3924-14 Chavez, et al v. Navarro, et al.
02.08.16 BER-L-7441-13 Village Square Madison Avenue, LLC v. TD Bank, N.A. - Granting Summary Judgment in Favor of TD Bank
02.05.16 ESX-L-7842-11 Dental Health Associates P.A v. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
02.04.16 BER-L-4207-15 Irving Freedberg, James Spatz, Olga Starisky, Terry Vavra v. Borough of Ramsey Zoning Board of Adjustment, Richard Mammone, Zoning Officer of the Borough of Ramsey, and V Boys Ramsey Holding LLC.
02.03.16 BER-L-2387-15 Stonewall of Saddle River L.P. v. North East Linen Supply Corp., Inc.
02.03.16 L-5389-13 Orrico v. Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation
02.01.16 BER-L-7542-15 Silla Jewelry v. Sunico, et al. Granting the Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss re: Lanham Act, NJ TCA, Fraud, and Other Related Trademark Claims
01.29.16 BER-P-001-15 In the Matter of Violet Nelson, Deceased
01.27.16 BER-L-5000-12 APR v. Lomans
01.27.16 BER-L-845-12 Pannacciulli v. Beloff
01.25.16 ESX-L-8209-13 Vaidyanathan v. Martinez
01.14.16 FM-15-792-13 Lav v. Lav
01.13.16 BER-L-6105-15 Edward M. Greenberg, et al. v. Mahwah Sales and Services, Inc.
01.07.16 BER-L-3004-14 Niiya vs. Grand Cove Master Association Inc.
01.07.16 FM-15-89-15-N M.R. v. T.R
01.05.16 F-53579-14 Deutsche Bank v. Pierro. Judge Escala