CourtSmart - Digital Audio Recording

An accurate court record is a critical component of every trial court proceeding.

In most Superior Courts, the New Jersey Judiciary uses digital recording technology to ensure an accurate record for every court event.

In 2007, the Judiciary began implementing a digital recording system to replace obsolete tape recorders. The digital system uses both a primary and a back-up recording server. The primary server holds the court record. The back-up runs automatically during regular court hours and captures all courtroom activity.

Because the back-up system is always recording, attorneys, litigants and other court users should be aware that any conversation held in a courtroom between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. is recorded on the back-up system.

This back-up recording, stored securely within the courthouse, is not an official court record, but it remains available if needed. According to protocols approved by the Supreme Court, access to the back-up recording is strictly limited to reconstructing the parts of an official court proceeding that have been lost on the primary recording. Assignment judge approval is required to gain access to the back-up recording.

Court users, attorneys and members of the public benefit from court proceedings that are recorded consistently and accurately.

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