Foreclosure Mediation


Foreclosure Mediation training was given from November, 2008 through May 6, 2009.
No additional training is scheduled.

Homeowners in Bankruptcy

The New Jersey federal bankruptcy court has promulgated an order establishing that participation in the New Jersey Judiciary's Foreclosure Mediation Program by mortgagors and debtors with pending bankruptcy cases who meet the qualifying conditions of the Foreclosure Mediation Program shall not be deemed violative of the automatic stay. Therefore, immediately, this condition for participation in the New Jersey foreclosure mediation program is rescinded.

Rescue Scams

Companies that promise to help you get a loan modification or to rescue your home from foreclosure are popping up all over New Jersey. You need to protect yourself and your home from scam companies that have no regard for you and your home.

You need to carefully check the company's credentials, reputation, and experience, watch out for warning signs of a scam. Companies may falsely claim to be affiliated with a non-profit or government entity or endorsed by government officials. You should maintain personal contact with your lender and mortgage servicer. Your mortgage lender can help you find real options to avoid foreclosure. You should use the FREE HUD/NJHMFA-certified housing counselor accessible above. More information including tips to avoid foreclosure scams are outlined in the Public Announcement released by the Federal Reserve.