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Effective January 1, 2010, all lawyers holding a license to practice law in the State of New Jersey, whether plenary or limited, are required to participate in the mandatory continuing legal education program.

Members of the bar of the State of New Jersey are required to maintain certain standards of professional competence throughout their careers. The Board on Continuing Legal Education was created and assigned the task of administering the Supreme Court's requirement, imposed pursuant to Rule 1:42 Continuing Legal Education.

The Board's Regulations, implementing the mandatory program, are intended to (a) guide lawyers in respect of their requirement; (b) assure the public that those lawyers licensed to practice law in New Jersey remain current in respect of the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities and obligations; and (c) improve the standards of the legal profession.

Attorneys not otherwise exempt as defined in the Board's Regulations, who fail to comply with the mandatory continuing legal education requirement are subject to being declared administratively ineligible to practice law in New Jersey.

Notices to the Bar and New Information

Notice - Reduction in Reinstatment Fee

Notice - Board of Continuing Legal Education - Amendments to Regulations


Notice to Providers of New Jersey Continuing Legal Education

As of January 28 the Board on Continuing Legal Education has moved to its new on-line computer tracking system.  Providers should be able to access this new system by February 18.  Please note that the pdf applications will not be available for use in the future. Provider applications and course announcements submitted by mail will be returned.

Existing approved service or per-course providers
Those providers who have already submitted courses to New Jersey will receive a letter with information on how to access the system with a user ID and temporary password.  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  Once you activate your account, you will have the ability to submit all applications on-line.

New providers
For providers who have not previously submitted an application for course or provider accreditation in New Jersey, please go to the link below to begin the provider registration process.

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