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Attorney Registration and Payment

For additional information or for assistance please call 855-533-FUND (3863) or e-mail

Returning Users

Login with the User ID and Password you previously created.
Forgot your User ID? Click here.
Forgot your password? Click here.

First-time Users - One-time Account Setup

Your temporary password can be used only once. It expires when you create your permanent password. In the future, use your permanent password to login as a "returning user".

Firms/Individual Attorneys

  1. Login with the unique User ID and temporary password.

  2. Create your permanent password, make note of it for future use, and submit the requested basic data.

  3. Go to your email inbox and click on the link in the activation email that you should have received. If there is no activation email, check your spam or junk folders, then contact us.

  4. Add to your Address Book to ensure that you receive future notices regarding the annual assessment.

  5. Read the statement below and check the box to continue.

I understand that I will no longer receive paper bills, that I must keep my e-mail address current, and that I have added to my "approved sender" list. I also recognize that I am obligated to maintain a current e-mail address for future registration and billing notices.

Additional assistance can be found with the tutorial and help.
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