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Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program

Vicinage EEO/AA Program

The New Jersey Judiciary is dedicated to the principles and goals of fairness, equality, courtesy, and respect for all individuals. These are the cornerstones of activities and operations in the court system and embody the Judiciary's commitment to equality under law and fairness in the administration of justice. As an employer, the Judiciary is committed to the principles of fairness and equality of opportunity in the workplace as reflected in the Judiciary's Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Master Plan. Likewise, the Camden Vicinage's EEO/AA program is an initiative which is in continual development. It is based on the Vicinage EEO/AA Implementation Plan and is designed to insure that every aspect of our employment practices is fair and non-discriminatory. Both the Judiciary EEO/AA Master Plan and Vicinage Implementation Plan can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the sites below.

Camden Vicinage EEO/AA Advisory Committee

Role of the Committee

The Camden Vicinage EEO/AA Advisory Committee is a working group representing a cross-section of vicinage employees. Assignment Judge Deborah Silverman Katz appoints all members of the Advisory Committee. The Vicinage EEO/AA Officer chairs the Committee.  The Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Act as an advisory body to the Assignment Judge regarding recommendation for the implementation of the Judiciary EEO/AA Program.
  • Review the Judiciary EEO/AA Master Plan, the Vicinage EEO/AA Implementation Plan and the vicinage workforce analyses and recommend improvements as needed.
  •  Meet regularly with the EEO/AA Officer to provide guidance and advice on various aspects of the program.
  • Assist the vicinage EEO/AA Officer as necessary in gathering information and developing specific programs to meet the Judiciary's objective of a fair and equitable work environment.
  • Act as a communication liaison between management and other employees to convey information regarding the Judiciary EEO/AA program and serve as a forum for employees to raise questions concerning the EEO/AA program generally. 
  • Advise the Assignment Judge on steps that should be taken to promote the development and under representation of minorities and women in the Judiciary work force.
  • Identify availability of training and recommended training standards in the areas of EEO/AA, Sexual Harassment and Cultural Diversity.
  • Identify problems and make recommendations which promote harmony in a diverse work place.

If you would like more information about the Committee or any of its programs, please feel free to contact the vicinage’s EEO/AA office at 856-379-2397.

Discrimination Complaint Procedures

Employees, applicants, clients, and users of the courts who have questions, problems or complaints regarding EEO, disability, sexual harassment, race/ethnic bias, hostile work environment or other categories covered by the anti discrimination laws, may communicate their concerns to the judge or senior/supervisor in charge of the court/unit, program, services or activity.

The discrimination complaint policies and procedures are outlined in the EEO/AA Master Plan on pages 7 through 15 and pages 53 through 56 and in the Camden Vicinage Implementation Plan on pages 50 through 52. If you believe you are being subjected to discriminatory treatment and want to file a complaint, you may print the complaint forms listed, complete it, and forward (or bring) it to the Vicinage EEO/AA Officer, at the Hall of Justice on the first floor in room 105-C.

Judiciary Policy on Prohibition Against Retaliation

Retaliation in any form by anyone in the court system against any person who files a discrimination complaint, or who assists in the investigation of such complaints, or who opposes discrimination in the workplace, is prohibited. A charge of retaliation may be raised at any step of the complaint procedure or may form the basis of a new complaint. Retaliation may be the basis for a charge of misconduct even though the complaint of discrimination has been dismissed.

Camden Vicinage Ombudsman Program

The Camden Vicinage Ombudsman's Office provides Camden County residents and court users with a direct link to the Judiciary and court services on a daily basis. The ombudsman also assist citizens by guiding pro se litigants; answering questions; disseminating court system information; conducting community outreach to educate the public about the court system and its services and programs.

Vannessa Ravenelle is the Camden Vicinage Ombudsman, she is located on the first floor of the Hall of Justice in room 110-B. You may call her at 856-379-2238 or e-mail her at camdenhelp.mailbox@njcourts.gov

Directory of Judiciary EEO/AA Staff

Camden Vicinage EEO/AA Officer:
Neela Sookdeo
Camden Vicinage EEO/AA Officer
Superior Court of New Jersey
Hall of Justice, Suite 105-C
101 S. 5th St.
Camden, NJ 08103
Tel.: 856-379-2200 ext.3972      
Fax:  856-379-2278

Chief, Judiciary EEO/AA Office:
Tonya Hopson
Administrative Office of the Courts
Judiciary EEO/AA Program
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, 3rd Floor
25 Market Street
P.O. Box 037
Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Tel.: 609-292-3586
E-mail: Tonya.Hopson@njcourts.gov

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