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General Information (856) 379-2203

The Criminal Division's mission is to protect the community by upholding the laws of this state in a fair and impartial manner. Cases that are heard within this division are those categorized as wrongs against the people of this state, in general, or one or more people, specifically. Examples would include cases of alleged fraud, murder, burglary, etc.

For your assistance, the following offices are available, during working hours, to serve your needs:

BAIL UNIT: Located in Room 110, 1st Floor, Hall of Justice. The office hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. At times other than stated, bail may be posted at the jail admissions office, for your convenience.

PUBLIC DEFENDER: Applications for legal representation may be filled out in Room 310-F, 3rd Floor, Hall of Justice, or you may call 856-379-2200 ext. 3334. There are certain criteria that must be met and costs that must be met. Information will be provided at time of application.

CRIMINAL RECORDS DEPARTMENT: Located in Room 600-A, 6th Floor, Hall of Justice. Information is available regarding location of cases being heard in the division. You may also obtain requests for Microfilm copies at this office. Print-outs of case information can also be obtained at this location: Criminal Records Check, Filing of Municipal Appeals and Expungements.

PRE-TRIAL INTERVENTION PROGRAM: Applications will be accepted from first time offenders with less serious charges. The purpose of the program is to afford these defendants the chance to reform. Diversion into the program and successful completion will result in the charges being dismissed. Applications may be filed at time of the first court hearing date or may be mailed to the Camden Criminal Division, Hall of Justice, 101 S. 5th Street, Camden, Room 490. Your attorney may also make application for you. The fee is $75.

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