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Location: 7 th Floor, Courts Facility
Telephone: 609-518-2514
Division Manager: Isaac Boykin

The Operations Division, along with Human Resources, Finance and Information Technology, is part of Court Administration. If something is not case management related, and is not about personnel (Human Resources), money (Finance) or computers (IT), then it falls under the Operations Division. Additionally, anything that crosses more than one case management division (i.e. jury) is also part of the Operations Division.

The Operations Division has responsibility for the following areas: jury management, court interpreters, Complementary Dispute Resolution (CDR) programs, court security liaison, workplace violence, emergency/contingency planning, records management, audio/video recording, transcript request processing and audio/video tape duplication, video conferencing, facility issues, telephone systems, fleet management and mail services.

Jury Management

Location: Ground Floor, County Office Building
Telephone: 609-518-2545
Jury Manager: Gina Whittaker

The Jury Management Office processes the random selection and summoning of Burlington County citizens for petit, grand and state grand juries. Names of potential jurors are obtained from a merged list of registered voters, licensed drivers, New Jersey state income tax filers and applicants for homestead rebates. Upon receiving a questionnaire/summons for jury duty, potential jurors are expected to read the entire form and complete and return the questionnaire to the Jury Management Office within ten days.

Petit Jurors are on call for two days, or if selected, for the length of a trial. Petit jurors serve on civil or criminal trials. They must listen to the evidence presented by both the plaintiff and the defendant and then determine the facts of the case. Petit jurors are expected to call the juror call-in number the evening before their date of service to see if they are required to report.

Grand Jurors serve one day a week for sixteen weeks in the Courts Facility building in Mt. Holly. Grand jurors decide whether or not to indict someone for a crime based upon evidence presented by the prosecutor. Once an indictment is returned, the grand jurors’ participation ends.

State Grand Jury includes jurors from all counties throughout the state. State Grand Jurors serve one day per week for twenty weeks and report to Trenton. Their work is similar to that of regular grand jurors. However, the cases relate to activities that took place in more than one county, or cases involving a conflict for a county prosecutor. The County Sheriff’s Department will personally deliver a summons to jurors selected to serve on the State Grand Jury. This summons will indicate the jurors’ reporting date in Trenton.

Excuses from jury service are granted only in cases of severe hardship, with supporting documentation. The jury office also grants postponements when necessary. Certain individuals are statutorily disqualified from service as jurors.

Court Interpreters

The Operations Division provides interpreters for litigants who have difficulty understanding the English language. A staff interpreter is available on-site for Spanish speaking litigants, and to arrange for interpreters for all court matters. If a litigant requires the services of an interpreter, they should contact the staff interpreter at 518-2543. An interpreter request form must be submitted by court staff within the division requesting an interpreting event. A minimum of five business days notice is required for the scheduling of interpreting services.

Complementary Dispute Resolution (CDR) / Volunteer Programs

Although the individual programs are run by the Case Management Divisions (Family, Civil, Municipal), the overall coordination of these programs belongs in the Operations Division. The CDR/Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers, maintaining an accurate database of the volunteers, planning and providing an annual volunteer recognition dinner, and ensuring that an adequate number of volunteers are available for the various programs. The CDR/Volunteer Coordinator is currently located on the 6 th Floor of the Courts Facility and can be reached at 518-2517.

Court Security Liaison

Security issues for the courts are handled by the Sheriff’s Department. The Operations Division serves as the court liaison to the Sheriff’s Department. If you have security concerns, please speak to your supervisor. If that does not allay your concerns, you can voice your concerns to your union representative who will bring the issue to the Labor Management Committee. Of course, anything of a critical or potentially dangerous nature should be immediately brought to the attention of the Operations Manager at 518-2512.

Note: Workplace Violence/Security Incident forms are available from the Court Administrator’s Office or on the Infonet at www.njcourtsonline.com. If you are involved in any sort of security incident, you should complete one of these forms and submit it to the Operations Manager.

Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, at times, in any type of workplace, violence occurs. There is a form to be completed and submitted to the Operations Manager whenever there is any violence in the workplace. This includes an altercation between a litigant and a staff member as well as any altercations between staff members themselves. This is the same form used to report security incidents (as in many cases both issues overlap). This form can be obtained from the TCA’s Office or from the Infonet at www.njcourtsonline.com.

Emergency/Contingency Planning

Every Vicinage has a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP Plan). This plan describes what we would do if we did not have access to the court facility for a day, a week, a month, etc. The plan was instituted after 9/11 when it became clear that special security precautions were necessary. All Presiding Judges and managers keep a copy of this plan at home.

Records Management

Each Division is responsible for their own records for as long as the records are active. However, after the records are closed and they are purged by the Division and ready for archiving or destruction, the Records Coordinator takes ownership of the records. The Records Coordinator will assist the Divisions with questions and issues regarding active and closed records. The Records Coordinator is also charged with auditing the case files of the various Divisions to ensure compliance with statewide standards regarding what is to be retained in a record and with ensuring timely destruction of court records. The Record’s Coordinator in the Burlington Vicinage is Isaac Boykin; he can be reached at 518-2904.

Audio/Video Recording

The audio and video recording equipment in the courtrooms is maintained by the Operations Division. Any problems with this equipment should be reported to 518-2945 or 518-2819.

Transcript Request Processing and Audio/Video Tape Duplication

If a litigant or attorney wants a transcript or a copy of a tape from a courtroom proceeding, they should contact the Coordinator of Tapes and Transcripts at 518-2819. Copies of tapes are made in-house and the fee is $10.00 per tape. The Coordinator of Tapes and Transcripts sends requests for transcripts (written verbatim copy of what went on in court) to an outside transcript provider. Transcripts are needed in order to file an appeal on a case. There are varying fees for the transcripts, depending upon the request type (speed with which the transcript must be completed) and the length of the transcript. A transcript request form is available on the Judiciary’s website at www.njcourtsonline.com.

Video Conferencing

All requests for a video conference must be submitted on a form to Operations at least 48 business hours before the scheduled event. These forms are available through your Division Manager or can be obtained by calling 518-2945. The form has detailed instructions regarding what must be provided in order for a video conference call to be scheduled.

Facility Issues

If you have a problem with a facility issue, please bring it to the attention of your supervisor. Staff are asked not to call the County Buildings and Grounds office if they are experiencing facility problems; these issues must be addressed through the Operations Division.

Telephone Systems

Operations is responsible for the management of the phone system. If you have any problems with your phone or voice mail, you may call 518-2945 to have the problem addressed.

Fleet Management

Fleet management falls under the responsibility of Operations. If you need to reserve a car for a trip to training or other work use, please call 518-2819 or 518-2796.

Mail Services

In Burlington, the County handles all mail services. If you have issues regarding the mail, please let your supervisor know. Operations acts as a liaison to the County Mail Department.

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