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Location: 1st Floor, Courts Facility
Telephone: 609-518-2503
Division Manager: Kathleen Peek

General Description

The Finance Division interacts with all divisions and is responsible for the oversight of all financial activities for the Burlington Vicinage including budget administration, purchasing, fixed asset management, grant research and administration of court held funds and revenues.  The division strives to provide proper administration to ensure the integrity of the financial process relative to the oversight of public funds. 
The operation of the division is dual tiered with teams focusing on 1) budget, purchasing, fixed asset management and grants; or 2) the administration of court-held funds.

Budget, purchasing, fixed asset management and grants team:

The duties of this team encompass the following areas:

Budget:  The budgeting process consists of the initial estimation of costs associated salary and operating expenses.  Subsequent to the creation of the initial budget, administration of the annual budget includes monitoring of costs as well as the submission of quarterly spending plans to the Administrative Office of the Courts. Salary/wage projections reflect calculations for all staff, taking into consideration persons on leave of absence due to maternity, illness, and NJFMLA/FLA. Other factors that impact salaries and wages are also taken into account when budgeting, such as: overtime, furlough, attrition and retirement.  Operating expenses needed to maintain daily operations, such as office supplies, printing, maintenance costs, etc. are calculated based upon prior and anticipated costs.

Purchasing:  Processing all requisitions for goods and services for the vicinage. Responsibilities include receiving and filling requests for supplies, services, capital equipment and maintenance of equipment while maintaining adherence to all state guidelines. Subsequent to receipt of goods, purchasing processes payments to vendors.

Fixed asset management:  Requires oversight of over $2 million of capital furniture and equipment.  Tasks include performing the annual fixed asset inventory, recording the acquisition of new capital assets and updating of all existing records as needed.  The preparation of the annual vicinage report on fixed assets and coordination of the disposition of surplus vicinage assets also falls under the responsibility of this team.
Grants:  Research and oversight of the grant application process entails analysis of potential funding to support court operations and services, as well as the responsibility for ensuring that grant monies are utilized properly and reported accordingly. 

Administration of court-held funds team:
Finance implements policies, procedures and internal controls for all court held funds. Court-held funds are monies collected in Finance that are either paid to the state in revenue or paid to a third party as a pay through. Once funds are collected, Finance ensures that funds are deposited daily, accounts are reconciled, and that the state receives all revenue in a timely manner.
The duties of this team encompass the following areas:

Cash Management, Bail and Special Civil team:  This team is responsible for the collection, disbursement and accounting of court-related fees for Special Civil Part complaints, miscellaneous fee documents and bail.  Additional duties include child support audits, deposits of fines, fees and bail received by the court, modification of fines and restitutions, handling of unclaimed funds, oversight and processing of cash handling and bank account reconciliations.

Child support, fines, restitution, and court filings:  This team is responsible for the collection and disbursement of all fines, fees and restitution payments as ordered by the court. It is also responsible for the receipt of child support payments received in the mail and over-the-counter. Other responsibilities include stop payment requests, forgeries, child support processing problems and completion of a monthly Cost Allocation Report.  This team opens the mail and accepts filings over-the-counter for Special Civil Part, Civil, Chancery and Matrimonial Dissolution.
Finance is also responsible for complying with external audits required by the Office of Legislative Services and the Administrative Office of the Courts, and for performing internal audits to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures. 
The Finance Division is located on the first floor of the Courts Facility.

Finance Division Supervisory Staff:

Todd McManus
Asst. Finance Division Manager
(609) 518-2628

Marianne Shimer 
Administrative Supervisor I
Budget, Purchasing, Fixed Asset Management and Grants Team
(609) 518-2508

Jim Costello
Administrative Supervisor II
Court held funds - Cash Management, Bail and Special Civil Team
(609) 518-2634

Marcelline Mulhern 
Administrative Supervisor I
Court held funds - Child Support, Fines, Restitution and Court Filings Team
(609) 518-2794

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