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Bergen County Justice Center
10 Main Street, Suite 309
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601-7680
(201) 527-2266 - Fax (201) 371-1150

Honorable Roy F. McGeady, P.J.M.C., Presiding Judge for the Municipal Courts
Brendis Montijo-Wrigley, Municipal Division Manager

The Municipal Division is the arm of the state court system that provides support and oversight to the municipal courts. At the local level, the Municipal Division consists of Presiding Judge-Municipal Courts (designated by the Chief Justice), a Municipal Division Manager and support staff for each vicinage. A vicinage is a court region covering one or more counties.

Together the Presiding Judge-Municipal Courts and Municipal Division Manager ensure that the Vicinage’s 70 Municipal Courts operate in compliance with New Jersey Court Rules and with directives and policies established by the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Vicinage Assignment Judge. The Municipal Division conducts intensive onsite annual reviews of each of the 70 municipal courts, as well as Administrative and Judicial In Session visitations to ensure that the courts are adhering to Judiciary policies and running smoothly. As another part of its oversight, the Municipal Division provides ongoing advice and hands-on assistance and training to Municipal Court Judges and staff on a wide range of subjects, including case management and backlog efficiency.


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