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  • Reduce Probationers Arrests
  • Reduce Substance Abuse
  • Increase Community Service Compliance
  • Increase Collection of Restitution, Fees and Fines
  • Increase Collections of Child
    Support Obligations
  • Increase School Attendance
  • Increase Employment
  • Increase Compliance with Court Ordered Treatment
  • Monitor and Enforce Support Orders
  • Promote Community Safety


The Atlantic/Cape May Counties Probation Division, as part of the Judiciary, plays a vital role in accomplishing the mission of the Court. The fair and just resolution of disputes is achieved when court orders are fully and fairly enforced. The constitutional rights of citizens are protected by effective supervision of probationers in the community. Probation plays a vital role as the dispositional enforcement arm of the Court.

The role of Atlantic/Cape May Counties Probation is to promote the welfare and safety of children, families and communities in New Jersey by enforcing court orders, supervising offenders, monitoring behavior, and intervening to produce positive outcomes.

The Atlantic/Cape May Counties Probation Division is committed to achieving statewide operational goals in all units by providing comprehensive quality supervision, service and enforcement.

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