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Phone: (609) 594-3449
Email: Facilitating -Access/Fairness-Communication-Education Team

Partnership for Learning Brochure.

The Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage implemented the F.A.C.E. (Facilitating-Access/Fairness-Communication-Education) Team as an outreach to area educational entities, civic organizations and places of worship. Our mission is to educate the community on who we are as a court system and to communicate what we have to offer in the following areas: customer service initiatives, educational partnerships, potential recruitment opportunities, internships and available volunteer programs.

We recognize that the perception held by many members of the public often comes from secondhand sources. For example, television, radio, and newspapers have a powerful influence on the way people view the court system. The Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage has developed a Community Outreach Program designed to provide a more positive image of our court system by educating our community. Participating students/adults will see how the court system works and its impact on lives. They will learn about their rights and responsibilities under the law, legal consequences of lawful and unlawful action, future career opportunities, and gain an appreciation for volunteerism. It is our hope that this initiative will demonstrate our commitment to a court-community relationship that is mutually beneficial to our society through learning and partnership.

For Additional Information regarding site visits, school or civic presentations, Law Day or if you would like to schedule a tour of one of our courthouses, please contact us at (609) 594-3449. Click here to download a copy of the Partnership for Learning Brochure.

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