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Office of the Ombudsman/Community Liaison

Kathleen Obringer
Ombudsman/Community Liaison
Atlantic County Civil Courts Building
1201 Bacharach Blvd
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

Phone # (609) 594-3346

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Helpful Resources

Self Help

Community Outreach

What is the Judiciary’s Ombudsman Program:
In the Judiciary, the ombudsman is a neutral staff person who answers questions, addresses concerns from the public and is responsible for enhancing customer service in the courts. The ombudsman provides a bridge between the courts and the community to enhance public access and improve customer service. Although the ombudsman is unable to provide legal advice—because court staff must be neutral and impartial—the ombudsman can help court users maneuver their way through the system with as much ease as possible.


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To promote an environment of continuous improvement in areas of customer service and equal court access in compliance with court policies and procedures. This is established by instituting three core services of the Ombudsman Program: Citizen Assistance, Public Information, and Community Outreach/Relations. (link to each)

Court User Assistance:

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Court customers may contact the ombudsman regarding alleged misunderstandings, conflicts, customer service issues and/or complaints. Upon receiving this information, the ombudsman makes appropriate inquiries and investigates the issue in an attempt to resolve the customers’ concerns. The ombudsman also collects data from customers’ suggestions in order to make recommendations for the improvement of court services.

Public Information:

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The ombudsman works with the court divisions to provide customers with information, including literature, publications and forms, related to court services, processes and programs. This ensures that the court provides its customers with information in an attempt to prevent misunderstandings before they occur. Many of the Judiciary’s forms and brochures for court users can be found online at: Self-Help Resource Center

Should you have any inquiries, requests for assistance, suggestions and/or complaints, please
contact the Ombudsman at the address and telephone number above or by email: AtlCapeHelp.mailbox@njcourts.gov

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