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The Juvenile Supervision Unit is a Division of the Probation Department which is part of the NJ State Judiciary. The Juvenile Supervision Unit specializes in supervising all juveniles placed on Probation or Deferred Disposition by the Family Court. In addition, Probation Officers supervise juveniles who have been placed on probation in other Counties or States and have relocated to Atlantic/Cape May County.

The philosophy of juvenile supervision is one of rehabilitation. Officers are responsible to enforce the orders of the court while developing case plans specific to each juvenile. These plans are developed based on the needs of the clients and their families. The ultimate goal is for the child to complete their probation term successfully while remaining arrest free.

To achieve this goal, the supervision officer monitors the youth in all aspects of their lives including but not limited to: school attendance and behavior, employment, family/domestic life, substance/alcohol abuse, mental health and behavior issues. Regularly, officers will meet with parents, school officials and treatment providers to address a child’s needs. Probation Officers are active in the community not only performing school and home visits but also developing valuable community partnerships with police departments and family centers. A graduated sanctioning system is utilized to address non compliance and redirect negative behavior.

Juvenile caseloads are arranged both geographically and by school enrollment. General and specialized caseloads have been developed to address the different needs of the juvenile clients under supervision. In addition to case supervision, probation staff teaches a program titled the Victim Impact Program. This program is a sentencing option for the Court. Probation staff also schedules two community service projects each month to assist juveniles in fulfilling their community service requirement.


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