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Victim Impact Program
Atlantic County

The Juvenile Department of the Atlantic County Probation Division has implemented a restorative justice initiative titled the Victim Impact Program.  This program utilizes a curriculum developed and implemented by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Office for Victims of Crime, and the California Youth Authority.  The primary goals of the program are to heighten the juvenile’s awareness of the victims created by crime, have them develop victim empathy, and reduce recidivism rates.  The Juvenile Victim Impact Program in Atlantic County follows this developed curriculum making adjustments based on the identified needs of the juvenile participants and the communities.  The Victim Impact Program is a train the trainer program which has allowed probation staff within the department to train internal and external agencies to impact a larger juvenile population.
The program consists of ten weekly classes and community reparation in the form of community service.  During the weekly classroom sessions, program trainers teach the established curriculum and victim volunteers/victim agency volunteers speak with the juvenile probationers.  The juveniles listen to victims discuss how crime has impacted their lives.  To compliment the curriculum, we have incorporated outside programs that address and reinforce the consequences of behavior and the impact of crime on victims.  These programs currently include; Cooper Hospital Trauma Unit, JJC Gang Management Unit, and the Reaching Out to Provide Enlightenment (R.O.P.E.) program at the Federal Prison at Fairton.  As part of completing the program, participants are broken up into teams and are required to choose a topic to teach to the rest of the class.  Each team is responsible to work together to develop a 10 minute presentation to deliver to the rest of the class and program instructors. 

Under the community reparation component of the program, participants are required to perform community service as a group, under the supervision of the program trainers/probation officers.  The Victim Awareness Coordinator arranges two community service sites per month for the offenders to participate in.    This program component is especially important because it allows the juvenile to give back to the community in the form of community service. 


Contact Information

Atlantic County Civil
Courts Building

1201 Bacharach Boulevard
Atlantic City. NJ 08401

Atlantic County Victim Impact Coordinator
Kayla Abbott
(609) 594-3488

Atlantic County Principal Probation Officer
Angie Tracey
(609) 594-3595


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