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.How do I identify my case type?

.What is the proper protocol for Court?


Enforce an Order

.How To Ask The Court To Change Or Enforce An Order In Your Case?
  • A Motion to Increase or Decrease Child Support payments.
  • A Motion to Increase or Decrease Alimony or Spousal Support payments.
  • A Motion to Change the Custody arrangements of a minor child.
  • A Motion to Change the Visitation/Parenting Time arrangements in your case.
  • A Motion to Enforce Litigants’ Rights. (This includes enforcing custody, visitation, child
    support and alimony or spousal support payment orders.)
  • A Motion for Emancipation of a Child (Termination of child support obligation).
  • A Motion for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses.
  • A Cross-Motion responding to one of the Motions listed above.





For child support case information, click here. (Note, clicking here will take you out of the Judiciary site)

Child Support

  • NJKiDS has been fully implemented as the new statewide child support computer system. Please visit the New Jersey Child Support website at www.njchildsupport.org to view important information and updates.

  • How do I enforce a child support order?
  • How do I stop a child support order?
  • In New Jersey, the child support order continues in effect until the court determines that the child is emancipated. However, there may be a provision in your order which clearly states when support is to stop. If not, it is up to either you or the obligor to file a motion with the court to have support terminated.

  • How do I change a child support order?
  • If you feel that the obligor should pay more current support than already ordered you can file motion asking for an increase. Such motions must be filed in the county where the support order was originally set (the county of venue). This may be a different county than the one that supervises your case or schedules your enforcement hearings. You may also write to the Division of Family Development, PO Box 716, Trenton, NJ to request a review of your case if the support amount has not changed over the last three years.

    * Note: The support amount cannot be increased or decreased if the hearing is for enforcement only.


Juvenile Justice Process Guide

.How can I learn about the Juvenile Justice Process?
    • What is Juvenile Deliquency?

    • An overview of the Juvenile Court Process

      This web page will take you through what happens to a child when he or she commits a crime in New Jersey. We look at: Arrest/Police Diversion and the Family Court Process. The goal is to assist the families and the alleged juvenile offenders, so that they may better understand the juvenile justice system in New Jersey.



.Where can I get Married?

Name Change

.How do I legally change my name?

Restraining Order

.How do I file a restraining order?

.Domestic Violence Resources

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