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High Risk Case Management Grant

Probation has secured a grant from the Juvenile Justice Commission Community Partnership Grant since 1996 This Program is described below.

The High Risk Case Management Program is a program designed to deliver a high level of supervision and support service to “At Risk” juvenile offenders that are being released from a Juvenile Justice Commission Residential Fields Program.
The goal of the Probation Division’s High Risk Case Management Program is to reduce the level of recidivism among program participants. This will be accomplished by assisting them in meeting the provisions of their aftercare plans. Those provisions may include, but are not limited to: remaining arrest free; attendance at mental health and/or drug and alcohol counseling; attending school; becoming and remaining gainfully employed; making regular payments toward court ordered fines, penalties and restitution; cooperate with all affiliated agencies; abiding by their curfew; and submission to drug testing.
Specific Objective:

The specific objective of this program will be to increase the level of supervision and provide a smooth transition of the juvenile back into the community.  The assistance provided to the juvenile during this transition period will reduce the likelihood of placement back into an out-of-home facility. The increased level of supervision will include:

  • Weekly contact with the juvenile
  • Biweekly contact with the juvenile’s parent or guardian
  • Monthly contact with juvenile’s school or employer
  • Monthly contact with juvenile’s mental health and /or alcohol and drug counseling facilities
  • Random substance abuse tests
  • Working non traditional hours
  • Monitor curfews and make contact with the juvenile in the home environment
  • Daily record checks for new offenses

Contact Information

Atlantic County

Master Probation Officer
Velta Jones
1201 Bacharach Blvd
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

(609) 594-3252

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