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Court Diversion

The court decides whether a complaint will be diverted (sent for review by an alternate method of resolution) or sent to court.

If the complaint is not sent to court, it may be diverted to a local Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC) or to an Intake Service Conference (ISC) to be heard by a representative of the Family Division.

Juvenile Conference Committees (JCCs) and Intake Service Conferences (ISCs) are diversion procedures established by the court and utilized in select first and second offenses of a minor nature. JCCs are comprised of community residents appointed by the court to review certain delinquency complaints. ISCs are conducted by court intake staff to review slightly more serious delinquency allegations. Both diversion procedures occur after delinquency complaints have been signed and filed with the court. Juvenile Conference Committee agreements and Intake Service Conference agreements are not final until signed by a judge.

What happens if it is sent to court?


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