Contact Information:
For more information on the Pre-trial Intervention Program, please visit the PTI section of the main State of NJ Judiciary website or contact your local courthouse.

Atlantic County
Jill Houck, PTI Director
Phone: (609) 909-8216
Fax: (609) 909-8191

Cape May County
Larry Scherff, Team Leader
Phone: (609) 463-5142
Fax: (609) 463-6458

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PTI is a diversionary program designed to help relieve an overburdened criminal calendar. The objective of PTI is to provide defendants charged with victimless or less serious offenses an opportunity to avoid prosecution and receive early rehabilitative services.

The PTI Process:

Criminal Division Probation Officers interview and investigate defendants who apply to PTI to determine their eligibility. If eligible:

  • The PTI report is sent to the Prosecutor for their consent.
  • Defendant’s criminal proceedings are postponed for up to 36 months.
  • Defendant must sign a participation agreement that identifies the conditions agreed to as part of enrollment (restitution, drug treatment, etc.)

Charges are dismissed once a participant completes the program. If a defendant fails to complete the terms of their PTI agreement:

  • The participant can be terminated from the program.
  • The formal criminal process resumes.

Who is not eligible for PTI:

Generally not admitted into the PTI program are:

  • Defendants charged with violent offenses.
  • Probationers and parolees, since they have prior convictions.
  • Persons accused of racketeering or organized crime.
  • Public officials accused of abusing their positions for personal gain against the public trust.
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