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The Intake/Bail Unit conducts bail investigations and indigence determinations for those defendants committed to the county jail and charged with an indictable offense. These defendants are given a first appearance via video during which the court advises the inmate of the charges against him/her, the right to a public defender if the defendant cannot afford to pay for an attorney and the amount of bail set in the case. First appearances are conducted daily. Bail options include:

  • Cash bail wherein the full amount of the bail must be posted to secure the defendant’s release;
  • Ten percent bail wherein the payment of 10% of the set amount will secure the defendant’s release;
  • Real estate which may be offered as bail;
  • Own recognizance wherein the defendant may be released just on his/her signature; and
  • Bail bonds which may be posted by a bondsman. Bail bondsmen charge non-refundable fees for their services and require collateral in most cases before they will post a bond.
    NOTE: The court does not endorse the services of any bail bondsman. Anyone needing this service may find a bondsman listed in the telephone directory.

A bail filing fee of $50.00 is required when bail is posted regardless of the type of bail required. Bail monies may be refunded by the Finance Division after the defendant is: 1) sentenced; 2) completed Pre-Trial Intervention; or 3) the case is dismissed. Failure to appear for any scheduled court appearances will result in a bench warrant being issued for the defendant’s arrest and the forfeiture of bail.

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