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Family Division Case Types

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FM Dissolution Divorce, Dissolution of Domestic Partnership, Civil Union Dissolution, alimony, palimony, equitable distribution, custody, child support, and parenting time.
FD Non-Dissolution Paternity, custody, child support, parenting time and spousal support among parties never married or married parties that have not filed for divorce.
FV Domestic Violence Protection and prevention from future acts of violence through a restraining order.
FO Family Other Criminal prosecution for violating a domestic violence restraining order.
FJ Juvenile Actions involving juvenile delinquency
FF Family Crisis

A juvenile involved in a crisis situation

FN Abuse and Neglect Children In Court Services: Actions to protect a child from harm due to abuse and neglect by parents or caregivers
FC Child Placement Children In Court Services: Citizen review of cases where children are in out of home placement
FG Guardianship Children In Court Services: Actions to terminate parental rights and the appointment of the state as guardian
FL Kinship Legal Guardianship (KLG) Children In Court Services: Relatives or family friends seek legal guardianship of children placed in their care as a result of abuse
FA Adoption Children In Court Services: Establishment of a new parent-child relationship
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