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The Adult Supervision Unit supervises all offenders placed on probation or placed under supervision by the Superior, Municipal and Family Courts. As an alternative to incarceration, probation supervision allows offenders the opportunity to remain in the community, maintain gainful employment and be a positive asset to their families.

The mandate of a supervision officer is to enforce the orders of the court. This is accomplished by requiring probationers to submit to drug screening, alcohol/drug abuse treatment, mental health counseling, perform community service, obtain employment, attend school or training and pay court ordered fines and penalties. Additionally, officers perform field and home visits while also requiring the offenders to report to them on a regular basis in a controlled and secure environment. When an offender is determined to be non-compliant with his or her conditions, they are returned to court for corrective sanctions. Probation warrants can also be issued and executed when it has been determined that immediate intervention is required for the protection of both the offender and the community.

The Adult Supervision Unit currently supervises over varying levels of classification. This is achieved through the teams within the unit that have team specific functions to include general supervision, intake and assignment, community service, collections, and a variety of specialized supervisions.



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