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Superior Court, Appellate Division

Presiding Judge, Carmen Messano
for Administration

Deputy Presiding Judge, Jack M. Sabatino
for Administration

Joseph H. Orlando
Appellate Division Clerk

Forward filings to the Appellate Division Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 006, Trenton, New Jersey, 08625
Phone: (609) 292-4822

The Appellate Division of the Superior Court is New Jersey's intermediate Appellate Court. It is generally comprised of 32 judges who sit in two and three judge panels chosen from parts consisting of four judges. Appellate Division judges hear appeals from decisions of the trial courts, the Tax Court and State administrative agencies. The Appellate Division decides approximately 6,500 appeals and 10,000 motions each year.

Each part is administered by a Presiding Judge. The Honorable Carmen Messano serves as the Court's Presiding Judge for Administration. The chambers of the Appellate Division judges are located in Linwood, Jersey City, Morristown, New Brunswick, Newark, Trenton, West Long Branch, and Westmont. Arguments are heard in courtrooms located in Morristown, New Brunswick, Newark, and Trenton, as well as other locations from time to time.

The Appellate Division considers appeals timely taken as of right from the final judgments of the Law Division and the Chancery Division of the Superior Court, final judgments of the Tax Court and final decisions of State administrative agencies. Litigants requiring Appellate Division review of interlocutory or interim orders of a trial court or agency may do so only with leave of the Court. This requires the filing of a motion for leave to appeal, which may be granted and ruled upon immediately, granted and permitted to be processed for a later determination, or denied. If leave is denied, the party seeking review may do so as of right following the final judgment of the trial court or final decision of the administrative agency.

Some appeals are, however, disposed of through other programs established by the Appellate Division for the processing of certain types of appeals as described below:

Civil Appeals Settlement Program (CASP) is designed to identify, at the initial phase of processing, those appeals which could possibly be settled. Alternatively, appeals with very complex issues may be selected for a pre-argument conference in order to delineate and clarify those issues prior to briefing.

Sentencing Calendars were initially designed to dispose of those appeals in which the sole issue on appeal was the excessiveness of the sentence imposed. The program has been expanded to include additional sentencing issues. Because of the narrow issues being addressed, appeals considered in this program are argued without the need for full briefing.

An attorney or litigant seeking relief on an emergent basis should click on Emergent Applications under related content for procedures and instructions.

Send e-mail comments regarding an appeal or the filing of an appeal to: AppellateInformation.Mailbox@njcourts.gov.

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