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Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct How to File Complaint About a Judge

What the Committee needs is a signed letter or complaint form, identifying the judge and specifying exactly what it was that the judge did or did not do to give rise to the complaint. If it was something the judge said, quote the judge as best you can recall. Enclose any documents that you think support your complaint. Send the letter to: The ACJC, PO Box 037, Trenton, NJ 08625-0037. And write "complaint about a judge" somewhere on the envelope.

When we receive a letter of complaint in this office, we make nine photocopies of the complaint and any supporting documents sent with it, such as transcripts. A couple of weeks before one of the Committee's meetings, which take place every five or six weeks, we forward one copy to each member of the Committee. The members review the complaint, along with other materials regarding other matters, and they discuss it at their next meeting. They then decide if there is a basis for a charge of improper judicial conduct that might lead to the institution of formal judicial disciplinary proceedings.

If the members decide that there is no basis for disciplinary action, they will direct us to let you know. If, on the other hand, they decide that there may be such a basis, they will direct that an investigation be conducted and they will determine the scope of such an investigation. In that event, you will not be kept apprised of the status of the matter, but you will be notified if your further participation is needed and you will certainly be notified of the Committee's eventual disposition.

When formulating your letter to the Committee, please keep in mind the fact that the Committee is a disciplinary panel, not a court. The nine members are all private citizens and they are not empowered to determine whether any judicial decision is correct under the law or the facts of a particular case. Only an appeals court is empowered to review judicial decisions, upon the timely filing of an appeal. The Committee's jurisdiction runs to questions of judicial conduct, not judicial decisions, and its disciplinary actions have no impact of any sort on court cases.

Complaint Form / formulario de queja (espaņol)

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